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About us

Managepol B.V. is a work agency with its seat in Holland. We employ workers for temporary, seasonal and permanent assignments. We recruit from around Central Europe, mainly Poland as well as the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our company is the source of many interesting and innovative solutions currently applied on the labour market, and which have improved cooperation between work agencies and their business partners: small companies, large enterprises and employees.

We have a large labour force with experience in many branches; we specialize in such areas as:
  • Transport and logistics:: International drivers, Forklift operators, Warehouse personnel and loading service;
  • Metallurgy: Welders with extensive knowledge of welding techniques, Lathe operators, And also freezers;
  • Construction: : From small home maintenance to comprehensive renovation and remodelling;
  • Agriculture and gardening: We also have extensive experience and many satisfied clients.

A satisfied client is the result of well-selected personnel and the relationships built between them. This is all thanks to the comfortable and safe working conditions along with high-quality housing that we provide to our employees.

ManagePol B.V. is a dynamically-growing company that is expanding its horizons.

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